Who We Are

Cake Arts is a family business that is known for its exceptional wedding cakes, creative party cakes, cupcakes, candy, and delicious cut out cookies!

Cake Arts Supplies has been in the Toledo area for almost 40 years. The present owner, Dorothy Bryan purchased Cake Arts more than 21 years ago. In the beginning it was only a retail supply store. After 2 years the bakery was born. And in 2013, Dorothy brought in a Balloon artist to offer Balloons and decorations for her customers. Naming the business Balloon Arts was only fitting! 

For the do-it-yourselfers we carry a large selection of cake mixes, frosting, pans, plates, boards, boxes, chocolate, and novelty items that can be purchased for their own creations.

Balloon Arts

YES, we have Balloons for every occasions, too! And we are proud to deliver in Toledo and surrounding areas. Call 419-472-4959 or stop into the shop to start designing your perfect party today! Pictures of things we have done can be found on facebook under cake art supplies and bakery! Check out our albumns!!!!

Right Size, Right Price

 Prices below are BASE Prices, *subject to change pending on Decorations/Fondant*

Cakes:                 Feeds:                   Rounds:              Feeds:            Square:       Feeds:

9x13:    $32.00        (12-15)                 6"- $26.00               (10)           6"- $33.00         (12)

1/2 Sheet: $44.00   (20-25)                 8"- $36.00           (15-20)         8"- $41.00          (20)

Full Sheet: $69.00  (40-50)                10"- $47.00         (20-25)         10"- $52.00        (30)

Jumbo:  $89.00      (75-90)                 12"- $53.00         (30-40)        12"- $63.00        (50)

                                                             14"- $63.00          (45-60)         14"-$73.00        (65)

                                                             16"- $74.00          (70-85)         16"- $84.00       (90)

Cupcakes: Call for Pricing                   

Cookies: Call for pricing                      

Candy: Call for Pricing

Flavors and Fillings

Simple Flavors: White, French-Vanilla, Yellow, Confetti, Milk Chocolate, Devils Food

Gourmet Flavors ($5.00 extra): Banana, Cherry Chip, Chocolate Raspberry, Carrot, Pink Champagne, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Lemon, Strawberry, German Chocolate, Spice, Raspberry, Cookies and Creme, Oange Dream-cicle, Red Velvet.

Fillings (small extra charge): Apple, Apricot, Banana, Bavarian, Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate Bavarian, Coconut, Cream Cheese, Lemon, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry. 

Ediable Images

Just bring in a quality photo or pick from our up to date selection and we will have it ready for your cake and in less than 10 minutes.These cost $7.99 a sheet. Sorry, we cannot do copyrighted images.